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We are now offering free priority shipping of our popular rolls to homes and businesses across the USA.


They come fully cooked, fresh (not frozen), and ready to be placed directly into the fridge or freezer. When you're hungry, just follow our reheating instructions and dig in!



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That’s a Wrap Café located in Boardman, Ohio has an easy and effective program to assist you in raising money for your organization. Everyone loves pepperoni rolls and our Pepperoni Roll Fundraising Program has helped to raise thousands of dollars for groups and organizations in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

At That’s a Wrap, we believe in a world where you can open your front door and find a six-pack of fresh, delectable pepperoni pizza rolls just waiting for you to reheat and enjoy.

That's why we offer free priority shipping of our popular rolls to homes and businesses across the USA.



“My children’s football and cheerleading fundraiser this year was pepperoni rolls. Although I managed to sell nearly 400, the customers were skeptical about the quality and size of a $2 pepperoni roll. Upon arrival we were pleasantly surprised and amazed with the quality and size. The bread was perfect and tasted so fresh. The pepperoni was abundant and delicious unlike most pepperoni rolls found in the store or convenience store. I will definitely order these for our family in bulk.”

~ Martin G.


“We have been selling pepperoni rolls for the last 4 years. It is such an easy and profitable fundraiser to do and the product is amazing! We have 83 students and sold 1200 pepperoni rolls this year! We have people ask when we are going to sell them! Go for it, you will be glad you did.”

~ Donna M.

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